What, if anything, is queer, what's free and what's inspiring in MIF's second week?

Head to Festival Square tonight for a fab queer cabaret - Fabaret! - with local LGBTQ artists bringing their amazing talents to the square.

You may remember Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie the Cat in Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, acclaimed American choreographer Trajal Harrell places her centre stage in a new dance work, a  provocative fusion of high art and pop culture set to a soundtrack ranging from electro and pop to classical music, with dance influenced by everything from ancient Greek theatre to the Harlem voguing underground, it’s challenging, tragic, entertaining – and queer!

Laurie Anderson celebrates 50 years since the moon landings with a VR art piece at The Royal ExchangeTo The Moon sounds really visually interesting and is one of the things you can do at the festival that only costs a fiver.

Fans of Phillip Glass' amazing soundtracks (The Hours) will enjoy new piece Tao of Glass with a chance to hear him perform his music in an unusual collaboration with  performer-director Phelim McDermott. This runs until 20th July.

Studio Creole also runs this weekend an is a performance piece where we can hear writers read in their original language and simultaneously listen to a live translation by talented translators creating a cacophony of voices, accents and languages. 

Manchester International Festival runs 4th - 21st July


Gary Williams