making a scene...

Make A Scene is Manchester's queered film club playing camp classics and lgbt cinema to friends of Dorothy and their friends across the UK.

We like it hot, we know what happened to Baby Jane, we're party monsters, we're queens of the desert! It's our pleasure to create a great big, crazy, fun communal film watching experience for gays and allies in the well known queer tradition that made Rocky Horror and Showgirls beloved camp classics.

It's cocktails, drag queens, hilarious hosts, audience participation and invention that make our famous Way Too Interactive Showings so popular and we've been packing out screening since our first event - a Flower Arrange A Long Sing A Long Little Shop of Horrors.

your hostess...

Grace Oni Smith didn't get her nickname "The Face" for nothing...she serves Hollywood glamour, drag looks to die for and face face face!

Grace is part Screen Goddess and part sardonic, acid tongued compere in the mould of Lily Savage!

Expect a new face every screening as Grace takes on the looks of classic film characters from Little Shop of Horror's bruised and beaten skid row florist Audrey to Isabella Rossellini's Death Becomes Her Hollywood high priestess Lisle Von Rhoman to the Mom from Home Alone and even Mrs Overall!

Actress, songstress, comedienne, make-up artist, drag queen par excellence...she's a triple, quadruple threat and she's your hostess at Make A Scene.

Why don't you come up and see us some time?

Get a ticket and join the ride, come get hands on with your favourite film and enjoy the funnest night in the cinema imaginable! The gay know how to do it best!

We work with all the best Manchester people to bring a little something extra to our film showings, whether it's FROG flowers adding floral artistry to Little Shop of Horrors, a Crazy Pedros pizza delivery at Home Alone, a very special cake trolley by Milk Jam at our Victoria Wood A Thon or world class chef Mary Ellen MacTague's Real Junk Food Project serving back-from-the-dead canapés at our Death Becomes Her showing, we go the extra mile for our audience!

And our audience go the extra mile for us! Come dressed up for the showing and you could win cocktails at the bar, sing a long, quote a long, compete in a worst Christmas jumper smackdown, throw glitter on flowers...get involved!

So grab yourself a ticket and we'll see you on the front row!