We're so happy to have been asked by Curzon Artificial Eye and BFI to create a series of special events to promote the launch of trans themed Chilean film A Fantastic Woman...and we're so happy that the film went on to win Best Foreign Language film at the Oscars during it's launch weekend. The film is the first ever trans film with a lead trans lead character played by a trans actor to win anything at the Oscars and the film's star Daniella Vega was the first ever openly trans person to present at the Oscars! What a weekend, no wonder we got so drunk at our Oscars - LIVE screening!


We worked with Instigate Arts to create a week of special events to promote, celebrate and discuss the film starting with a pop-up cabaret in HOME's bar featuring our own Grace Oni Smith singing some of her favourite lounge songs and Kate O Donnel of Trans Creative UK screening her short film Mum. Kate and Grace were part of a panel discussion at a nearly sold out screening of A Fantastic Woman and Kate along with poet AJ McKenna and Aimee from the LGBT Foundation discussed the need for more trans film makers to tell their own story. It was agreed that A Fantastic Woman was a ground breaking and much needed step in the right direction but now is the time for trans filmmakers to snatch the spotlight and tell their own stories.


Make A Scene created A Fantastic Party on the launch night of the film...a party with an all trans DJ line up and a performance by trans electro artist HUSK. Thanks to everyone who came down.

And of course we all cheered on A Fantastic Woman at Make A Scene - The Oscars LIVE! What a special event! Gary dressed as Bjork in a swan dress and lip-synced for the first time, Grace stripped to Cher and fired a green laser out of her lady bits, we all drank lots of espresso martinis and ate pizza in tuxedos and got drunker and drunker as we all marked down winners on our sweepstakes.

We were raising money for HIV charity George House Trust - thanks to everyone who gave generously and thanks to everyone who came down dressed in tuxes, dresses and in their favourite Oscar outfits especially to Cher, Celine Dion and Diane Keaton!

Congrats to A Fantastic Woman for winning and here's to many more LGBTQI Oscar nods.


Thanks to Instigate Arts, HOME, Curzon Artificial Eye, BFI, Trans Creative, LGBT Foundation, Sparkle, Canal Street Media, Creative Tourist, Manchester's Finest and everyone who supported the special events and the film in general...we hear it is still packing out screens at HOME a week after the launch.

Make A Scene and Instigate Arts are working together again to promote the launch of 120 BPM next month and keep an eye peeled for new films being screened for Make A Scene punters at Make A Scene Unseen events - these will be mid-week events where we screen upcoming, new or recently release LGBTQI narrative and documentary films to bring together the community in the city to enjoy these new stories and relax in a safe space with like minded queer film fans and start a conversation about the films (and chat shit and have a cocktails together!)

Love and light

G xx

Gary Williams