All the best, biggest and gayest pop culture news from the last week and recommendations for the Easter weekend and week ahead…it's the Make A Scene Weekend Update! We're so Egg-stra! 

We're supporting new film 120 BPM out on Friday 6th April at HOME

The lives of AIDS activists in early 90s Paris are reimagined in bold and vivid detail in this Cannes Grand Prix 2017 winner, a stunning and heart-wrenching drama with a profoundly moving and delicately crafted love story at its heart. Urgent and affecting, it’s a film about life, death, passion, tragedy – and, above all, the will to survive.

The film was previewed at HOME last Tuesday and I think everyone who went will agree this is the most breathtaking film that needs to be seen by all of you. The screening was silent as the film ended...and in a room full of queers that is really something! Very moving, very entertaining, very powerful.


To celebrate the release of the film and inspire more creative activism, Instigate Arts and Make A Scene welcome you to a pre & post-screening art jam in the cafe bar at HOME. 120 BPM will be showing at HOME at 17.40 (with an introduction by Dr Monica Pearl) and 20.00 on Tuesday 10th April, giving you the chance to join in whatever screening you’re attending. Join us in this safe, creative space, to discuss the film and get inspired. It’s an opportunity to chat with some of Manchester’s most inspiring artists and activists working in this area, and to talk with others and make some work. No experience or ticket is necessary and everyone is welcome. Come and jam with:

Jez Dolan, whose practice explores queerness and identity through the codification of language with a specific focus on: the things we don’t say / things that remain unsaid / secrecy and hiddenness.

Greg Thorpe, Curator, Writer, DJ (Drunk at Vogue/Off The Hook) and Project Manager for Superbia

Monica Pearl, Academic and Activist whose work focusses on the cultural representation of AIDS.


Music will be provided by Drunk At Vogue DJ Thom Docking playing a soundtrack of 80s and 90s dance music inspired by the film.

You can book for the special screening NOW via this link...



James Ivory says there should have been nudity in Call Me By Your Name!


Olivia de Havilland loses her Feud defamation lawsuit against Ryan Murphy...


Sex and the City's Magda, Steve and Samantha support Miranda's bid to be Governor of New York...



The Roseanne sitcom revival had huge ratings and Donald Trump called her to tell her he loved it! 


The Spice Girls are back together in a surprising new animated project...


Are you ready for a Buffy The Vampire Slayer reboot? (Sacrilege!) 


Viceland throw the spotlight on the modern NYC Vogue Ball Scene in this new documentary series...


Last week Paris Lees was the first ever out trans woman to be invited onto BBC Question Time and she lays down the law with the panel on anti-trans bigotry...


In Pakistan Marvia Malik is the nation's first ever out trans newsreader and her first broadcast aired earlier in the week. Yassss!!


And Ben DeLaCreme has laid down the law with toxic Drag Race fans! (we can't not do a news item about Drag Race...it's the law!)




Our next event is our Nighty Night and Julia Davis A Thon  -  Jill Tyrell is the role Grace Oni Smith was born to play and Lill will be joining us for the first time ever! She will be playing Linda to Grace's Jill! Plus we're turning Texture into the Beauty by Jill salon and the pair will be giving you makeovers that will get you noticed.

Evening show is SOLD OUT and only 5 more tickets left for the matinee of get them as soon as you can...don't miss out, Cath!

Make A Scene's Nighty Night A Thons - Saturday 7th April at Texture, Manchester 15.30 and 19.30 shows

And we have just announced the comeback of our most popular ever show. Back from the dead for one night only...Death Becomes Her!

On Saturday 5th May (Bank Holiday Weekend!)  at19.30 Gary and Grace bring Gothic Hollywood back to Texture with a bitch fest to end all bitch fests!

Are you Team Helen or Team Madeline? Pick a side and hate the other side - it is a Hate-A-Long showing after all!

Texture turns into Lisle's Hollywood mansion with cocktails, dressing up, black magic and extreme makeovers all evening.

Grace reprises her role as Isabella Rosselini's eternal witch Lisle and of course Gary will be bald and flaccid plastic surgeon Ernest Menville (how many bald characters are there in classic films he can ever play?)

You can book your tickets now. Perfect for anyone who missed our last screening or who wants to relive the madness of our craziest screening ever!

Siempre Viva! Live Forever!

Make A Scene's Hate-A-Long Way-Too-Interactive Death Becomes Her screening - Saturday 5th May 19.30  at Texture, Manchester  

CLICK for more info!





You're probably watching RuPaul's Drag Race right now as we have Good Friday off and it comes on first thing on Friday morning!

Were you as obsessed as us with Vanessa Vanjie Mateo last?


Her exit from the show - repeating her middle name "Ms Vanjie" over and over again - has to go down as one of the most bizarre ever. Apparently is gave Ru the giggles for ages and she fought against laughing so as not to pop the vein in her head that pops out Stressed Eric-style under all of her botox!

We were so obsessed we created a t shirt with her immortal exit lines on! Wear it to the club, down the street, to the grocery store! It's the t shirt that says "yes I am a homosexual", it also says "Ms Vanjie...Ms Vanjie...Ms.......


Check out our amazing redbubble.com store which has Drag Race slogan tees and nice camp film apparel like Tommy Gnosis tour t shirts and ranges celebrating Nighty Night, Ab Fab, Death Becomes Her, Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Clueless...

CLICK to go to our store!





Gary Williams