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Courtney Act lands her own Channel 4 late night drag queen chat show! So excited for her bringing queerness back to the timeslot!

Not happy with doing that yellow face remake of Ghost in the Shell culturally deaf actress Scarlett Johansson is  now to star as a Transmasculine person in new film Rub & Tug and she's aware of the controversy and she really doesn't care about it...classy.

Surprise, surprise Christians are peddling the same old "won't anyone think of the children" rubbish about new fabulous Netflix drag queen kids cartoon Super Drags. Ugh. 

Did you know Elton John was writing a Devil Wears Prada musical? No? Neither did we! Well he's found a new lyricist for it. Groundbreaking.

Only 50% of British people want Elsa to be a lesbian in Frozen 2!

The awful Loose Women totally bully their guest - the iconic scouse X Factorfinalist Christopher Maloney - over his plastic surgery.

Ugh Mumsnet are also peddling the "won't anyone think of the children" crap too this time they're DMing millionaire gold medalist Tom Daley and millionaire Oscar winning writer Dustin Lance Black saying that their gorgeous newborn surrogate baby is being "abused" just because it doesn't have access to it's "mother" you know what I can't even be arsed writing this anymore. Seriously there was actually even a study published  this week that said that children of same sex parents end up being just as happy as children of opposite sex couples and you know this is all crazy Christian nonsense. Click the link below if you want to read but what's the point? These people are sad, crazy, lonely, stupid people and some of them a very ugly and bloated too.

Right...That's it for all the miserable are some amazing positive queer stories...

Thor star Tessa Thompson has come out as bisexual! Yay!

Mexico has it's own brand new drag queen reality show La Mas Draga that celebrates and explore the scene in super macho Mexico City! Yay!

And's something to make you super happy! Roisin Murphy is BACK with a new housey dance track Plaything and an amazing video...keep an eye out for our very own queer marvel Joshua Hubbard who's one of the video's featured dancers! Yay x 2000! 




There is still so much queer cinema out there this week and we're about to add another film to the list to go alongside The Happy Prince, McQueen and Studio 54!

You wait for one Whitney Huston documentary then two come a long within the space of a year! Following on from the 2017 Nick Broomfield documentary Whitney: Can I Be Me, which focussed on her lesbian relationship with her friend Robyn Crawford Academy Award-winning filmmaker Kevin MacDonald brings his own take on Whitney Huston's life. Simply called Whitney this film has more access to her friends and family as it focusses less on Whitney's bisexuality. Using this access the film turns up new revelations that casts her story and her work in a new and revealing light, reassessing the life and legacy of one of one of our biggest icons.

Sounds like it's worth a look...




Gary Williams