All the best, biggest and gayest pop culture news from the last week and recommendations for the weekend and week ahead…it's the Make A Scene Weekend Update

This is the weekend where our first film in the Reclaim the Frame series is released, we'll talk about Coralie Fargeat’s film Revenge a little later...



Adele got pissed whilst dressed as Rose from Titanic at her slightly inappropriate Titanic themed 30th birthday party...

Yes Ryan Murphy is donating all profits of his New York 80s Vogue Ballroom drama Pose to LGBTQI charities...

...but is the Vogue Ballroom Scene being colonised by white men?

Over at Cannes this week we saw the premier of lesbian drama Rafiki...a film that was banned in it's native country of Kenya...

It's a big week for drag queen horror films as Peaches Christ announces spoof horror musical Slay Gardens starring Jinkx Monsoon...

...and Katya and Alaska pop up in the trailer for scary movie The Quiet Room...

Speaking of scary drag shit...have you seen that Wow Presents have created a drag queen Muppet Babies style animated kids show starring Adore Delano, Bianca Del Rio and Latrice Royale?

Even scarier is this new ugly RuPaul t shirt that that girl you hate at work who says she loves Drag Race can now buy at Primark...

RuPaul continues her domination of the airwaves, gay culture, culture in general and this fucking newsletter as she announces she'll be staring in a new Netflix sitcom...

This new video game can help you understand what it is like to be a trans woman with body dysmorphia...

Neighbours is about to have it's first same sex wedding. In other news...apparently people still watch Neighbours!

And Beardy Queer Eye makeover recipient Tom married his on screen amour Abby proving romance isn't dead...

No THIRST SLOT this week because we think you are getting too thirsty. The Mail Chimp analytics actually sent me an email saying they couldn't handle the thirst and we should pause it for a week so we have.


revenge still.jpg



We are very excited to be supporting the Reclaim The Frame project, an audience network and feminist movement promoting 4 films by women directors over the next six months in order to get more people out to see and support films made by women. These filmmakers wrestling the narrative away from the typically cis white straight male film makers and writers who dominate cinema and creating something new that deserves to find an audience...that's where we all come in!

The second of the four films will be July's British drama Pin Cushion but before that comes Revenge a film one reviewer has called "the French feminist Kill Bill" which is all we need to be sold! The film is a rape revenge horror film told by women and comes firmly from the position of the female gaze. 

If you want to help spread the word about this and the future Reclaim the Frame films you can sign up to be a Manchester influencer and get free tickets to the film for your hard work...

Or you can just come along for the ride and come to the special screening of Revenge at HOME on Sunday 20th May at 6pm. This film is followed by a Q&A with the team where we can really discuss the film and the importance of female filmmakers getting the chance to make the stories they want.

The special screening is the one we want to see you at and is the film that will measure how successful Reclaim the Frame is being in bringing audiences out in Manchester. Newcastle's showing SOLD OUT so let's spread the word, share the event page, invite your friends and let's throw our support behind this film and the Reclaim the Frame campaign!

CLICK for more info!




It's mental health awareness week and we just wanted to take a few seconds from talking about Drag Race and the importance of The Vixen and the Angry Black Woman narrative... talk about depression and suicide. 

Coronation Street has been doing some amazing work this week with popular character Aiden Connor taking his own life and shining a light on suicide which is the biggest killer of men under 40.

You never have to suffer alone, there is always someone you can talk to whether it is a stranger or a friend.

The LGBT Switchboard is always open for someone to talk to should you ever need it, however big or small they are there for you to talk to and never end a phone call until you tell them to.

LGBT Switchboard 0300 330 0630



A Very English Scandal brings a gay story to the Sunday Night BBC1 Drama slot...and the only man in TV who has the balls and clout to do this is our lord and saviour Russell T Davis who has teamed up with Oscar nominated director Stephen Frears and the immense acting talents of Hugh Grant andBen Whishaw. 

Watch the trailer HERE...

The series is about the real life 1970s scandal of closeted Liberal Party MP Jeremy Thorpe's efforts to cover up the murder of his former lover. There's a great article here about who Jeremy Thorpe was if you aren't old enough to know who he is like me because I am a thin, dumb, 21 year old with a full head of hair...

The three hour long episodes exploring the story will be showing over the next three weeks starting this Sunday - Unmissable LGBT TV.

A Very English Scandal 9pm Sundays on BBC1


Gothika 2 - Liquorice Black by Aristoteles Kara.jpg


Make A Scene's director Gary James Williams, our technical wizard Sean Clarke, the House of DecayCheddar Gorgeous and Liquorice Black are teaming up with The Manchester Gothic Festival to welcome a symposium of the world's gothic academics to the city with a giant party that aims to show the world that Manchester does things differently than anywhere else.

Join us in a huge warehouse, hide from the summer sun and come into the dark for a night of bloody partying and monstrous queer delights. Part haunted house, part drag show, part Vogue Ball, all party...this one has to be seen to be believed and is a must for anyone who thinks Halloween should happen more than once a year,

Tickets are on sale now for this event and are already selling fast.

Friday 3rd August, Unit 5, Great Northern Warehouse, 10pm - 2am





Here are two great film events happening this week that we've got nothing to do with! 

Girl Gang Manchester - Immersive Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion
Saturday 19th May at Lowry Theatre Dock

Join Girl Gang Manchester for an immersive celebration of the 90’s slacker gal classic celebrating life long friendships, repairing youthful wounds and reminding us all that it’s OK to be awesomely average. 

You know the story...Two inseparable friends return to their high school reunion armed with a poorly conceived plan to impress their former classmates. 

Using decor, performers, workshops, speakers, participation, party bags, dressing up, dancing and much much more (!), Girl Gang create fun, meaningful, accessible events encouraging creativity, collaboration, confidence and community for people who aren't straight men, basically. This showing of Romy and Michelle is really focusing on female friendship.  

Expect big wows, business woman specials, a fun and frisky use of colour, and a totally tremendous time!


MMU Sexuality Summer School - Moonlight + Des!re - Screening w/ Q&A
Monday 21st May 17.45 ay HOME Mcr

Two screenings for the price of one: Barry Jenkins’ award winning film, Moonlight, and a short by Campbell XDES!RE, a Jazz meditation exploring the desire for transmasculine, transmen, butch, stud, masculine of center people assigned female at birth.

A roundtable discussion will follow with filmmaker, Campbell X; London-based fine art photographer, Ajamu; Andrew Moor (MMU) and Monica Pearl (UoM); Char: Jackie Stacey (UoM).





Gary Williams